How to get the most out of playtime with your cat


Look… as cat owners we all know playtime is super super suuuper important for your baby. If you are an indoor cat owner, it can be the difference between having an overweight, unhealthy cat and a happy, healthy kitty!

So how can you make sure both you and your cat get the most out of the play sessions?

Schedule Consistent Play

It’s unfair on your cat to have an amazing play session one day… then nothing for the next week. Cats, like humans need consistency and structure! Schedule playtime once or twice a day, with around 15 minutes for each session, you will be amazed at what a half hour a day of play will do for your cat!

Change it up!

Does the thought of eating the same 3 meals every. single. day make you happy? Do you enjoy doing the same repetitive task.. every. single. day? (Hopefully the answer is no).

Well… it’s the same for your cat! Once playtime is over, make sure to store all interactive toys out of your cats reach. You want to keep each toy special, and make sure your cat doesn’t get bored! Also – sometimes stringed parts can be dangerous, you don’t want your baby to chew on them unsupervised!

(For interactive toys)… Think like a cat!

This is a mistake a lot of cat owners make… When playing with interactive toys, don’t just wave the toy about manically to give your cat a simple workout.

Remember… you also want to stimulate your cats mind! So how do you do this? Simple. Stick to what’s natural for your cat. You see, in the wild, a cat would stalk her prey while staying as quiet and invisible as possible. She would inch closer and closer and then, when she gets within striking distance, she would pounce.

Cats don’t have the lung capacity to chase to exhaustion so don’t conduct marathons throughout the house. Move the toy like prey, alternating between fast and slow motions so it gives your cat time to plan her next move. Here’s a tip: movements that go away from or across your cat’s visual field will trigger her prey drive. Don’t dangle the toy in her face or move it toward her.

Let your cat win!

It’s really important to let your cat “catch” her prey during the play session. Otherwise, she will get frustrated and either stop playing with you or act out in response to her unfulfilled urges. If you play with a laser pointer, be sure to have some kitty play sessions with a toy she can catch, too. An interactive puzzle toy that dispenses kibble or treats is also an excellent way for a kitty to “win”.

Never use your fingers/toes as prey

It might be cute to see a little kitten batting at your fingers and trying to bite you with her tiny teeth, but when she’s a full-grown cat it won’t be cute at all. It’s much more difficult to train an adult cat out of this behavior than to prevent it, so be sure to tell anyone who visits your cat to use a toy and not their fingers or toes.

Hopefully these little tips and tricks will help you and your cat get the most out of playtime! As ever, our goal at Around The Block Pet Care is for your cat to live a happier and healthier life. Because as we know… a happy cat = a happy cat owner!

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