About Me

Susan Karp with two dogsI’m Susan Karp-lifelong animal lover and pet owner. I’ve had dogs and cats since I was the proud ten year old owner of stubborn little Heidi, a cute beagle/doxie mix and Chicklet, a cranky long-hair cat that lived to be a super senior. After raising three great children and spending countless hours volunteering, I decided to use my years of experience and wealth of common sense and knowledge to become a pet sitter/dog walker. My former profession as a social worker has come in handy in both my role as a mother and a pet sitter.

I am currently the proud owner (servant?) of 12 yo mini aussie, Wrangler and 13 yo shaggy mix Scooter, as well as 5 cats ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old. I always have a foster cat or kitten too. You might find some pet hair in my home, but you will also find lots of love and laughs!

I’m an active volunteer at The Humane Society of Huron Valley ( One of my favorite volunteer jobs is leading our weekly 3 mile pack hike. It is loads of fun and great exercise for the shelter dogs and volunteers. I am very active in the southeast Michigan rescue world and love to help people find a great match to adopt, whether it be dog or cat. Besides HSHV, the organization that has my heart and volunteer time is C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc. ( We work to enhance the lives of 24/7 chained dogs, and yes, it is heartbreaking, but it is also heartening, because we truly make a difference. Education and support is the key.

Although I am not a trainer or behaviorist, my years of volunteering and being a pet owner, in addition to my ongoing participation with dog training classes and dog behavior lectures/readings has enables me to offer practical, helpful ideas and solutions to issues you may be having with your dog or cat. I’m all about fear-free training, using treats, praise and positive reinforcement. I work closely with several local certified trainers and behaviorists that I can refer you to if the problem is beyond my scope.

I really love being a pet sitter and truly care about all my clients-both two and four legged. Your pet’s care and safety is my top priority.