Longsnouts Dog Training

Where working with your dog feels like recess

At Longsnouts, we use science- and reward-based dog training to enrich the human/canine partnership. We’re huge fans of making our dog ‘homework’ feel fun so we’re all more inclined to “do the work” and feel successful. In fact, most of our training exercises are heavy on what feels like play – we want high energy and smiles all around!

The Longsnouts team also focuses on giving dog choice-making skills, so we don’t have to manage them (and their behavior!) for a lifetime. Why? Well, dogs do what works: those behaviors that get the attention or treats or outside or walks (and more!), that’s what shows up. Our dogs don’t differentiate between “good” or “bad” attention; it’s all just attention and it “works.”

So, where to start?

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How to get the most out of playtime with your cat


Look… as cat owners we all know playtime is super super suuuper important for your baby. If you are an indoor cat owner, it can be the difference between having an overweight, unhealthy cat and a happy, healthy kitty!

So how can you make sure both you and your cat get the most out of the play sessions?

Schedule Consistent Play

It’s unfair on your cat to have an amazing play session one day… then nothing for the next week. Cats, like humans need consistency and structure! Schedule playtime once or twice a day, with around 15 minutes for each session, you will be amazed at what a half hour a day of play will do for your cat! [Read more…]